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'Meet the Blogger' - Questionnaire!

When was the last time you read an 'about me' section on a website or blog? Show of hands now. .... I see. Not that many of you. I understand - I'm the same way and then I always wonder if what I'm reading about a person is still current and true. (This is serving as a good reminder to update my "about" section, too.) Enter the Blogger Questionnaire! They are many and they are varied. Personally, I like this one because it's a succinct summary of relevant and hopefully interesting information. Info Name: Michaela Age: 30 Gender: NB  A Selfie - a super ye olde one Favorites: Food: Sushi, Pork, Collard Greens, Clementines, and anything Matcha-flavored Drink: Coffee, Bubble Tea, Smoothies, and Beer Book: The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo by Stieg Larsson (changes each month) Song:  Black Honey by Thrice (this one changes with the wind) Movie: Labyrinth, The Breakfast Club, Beetlejuice, and Star Wars Band: Bauhaus, The Cu

February Faves

February is one of the coldest and most depressing winter months - at least in Minnesota. With entire weeks topping out at -1° F, it's hard to feel anything other than miserable, tense, and well....cold! Here are a few of my favorite things this month that helped stave off the worst of the cabin fever. 1) The Jean Pierre MILK Sheet Masks - I bought a box containing five of these bad boys from Hollar and wow, they were worth the $5. The masks themselves are made from a nice, soft cotton and the scent of the nourishing liquid has a very light dairy scent to it - kind of like milk, kind of like cream, none of the curdle. Thankfully! 2) The Apricot Fig Body Oil from Olivia Care - I've had this since December but I'm using it so much more now. Not only does it smell amazing, but it's been perfect for locking in moisture after a bath or shower. I put it on at night and in the morning, my skin still feels incredibly moisturized and there's no need for perf

Post-Workout Sandwiches

So there's a bit of science behind what we're supposed to eat after a workout: You can read a bit more here at The Everygirl . I've been completely ignorant of that science since I started working out, but I'm also pretty good at listening to my body and knowing what it needs. So when I discovered that carbs, protein, and some fats are important things to replenish immediately after working out - I had an AHA! moment. I like sandwiches. I'm almost addicted to them. They're so easy and quick to make and the combinations are almost endless. As long as it fits between two slices of bread (or lettuce for an 'Unwich' ) it works. So here are some of my favorite sandwich combinations for a post-workout pick me up: 1.) BLT This one's pretty straight-forward but there are definitely ways to make it healthier. Swap out your white bread for a good whole grain (I love oat bread!) and ditch the mayo for avocado instead. If bacon isn't your thi

K-Beauty Review: TONYMOLY Changing U Magic Foot

*spoiler alert - there are photos of feet in this post* I might have a problem. Really. You see, the last time I ordered on - I dumped a TON of K-beauty sheet masks into my basket and then just....bought 'em. Mostly with the intent of doing reviews on all of them, but also because (like most beauty bloggers right now) I'm kind of obsessed with sheet masks. So when I happened upon a peeling mask for...feet...yeah, feet, I thought to myself that 1) This is totally blog-worthy and 2) I've never done something like this before. And it's the middle of winter - the air is unbearably cold and dry. My feet are also, often, unbearably cold and dry. So what better time to test out a peeling foot mask? This set from TONYMOLY only cost about $6 and I looked at some other reviews online before giving this a go and it seemed to have good results for a lot of people. Still....I've always been kind of wary of any product that advertises its purpose as

A Whirlwind Week in Review

So, a couple of things happened this week.  One was Valentine's Day. How did I spend it, you ask? Like this: Also, on Monday I completed the Blogilates Beginner Calendar. The whole thing wrapped up with some pretty intense cardio videos and I marveled at how easily I got through a solid 60 seconds of rapid roll-ups. When I did the Total Body Workout for the first time back in January, I couldn't even complete a single roll-up without help. Now, I'm nowhere near where I want to be, but there's something really empowering in knowing that I've gotten stronger. That my body really will adapt and change, slowly but surely. I was always such a skeptic. So I'm actually going to do the Beginner Calendar again , supplementing each day with an extra video from her Youtube channel. Should be fun! On Tuesday, my February Ipsy Glam Bag arrived. I won't lie - I'm not impressed with this month. I don't really like pink and thi

OOTD: Pop of Color

For Those Interested: ~ Cardigan - Loft ~ Leggings - Express ~ Top - unknown ~ Boots - Target brand ~ Scarf - thrifted

K-Beauty Review: TONYMOLY I'm Real Red Wine Mask Sheet

To preface: I don't drink red wine. Ever. In fact, I don't really like wine at all - you can see me reluctantly accepting a glass of champagne at a fancy party or during New Years, but if I had my way I'd always reach for either a good craft beer or a classic G&T. But hey, just because I don't like drinking red wine, doesn't mean I'm not gonna put it on my face and see what it can do for my skin. Hence, the Red Wine Mask Sheet from beloved Korean beauty brand TONYMOLY. This mask, you guys. You gals. You nonbinary pals. This mask....the texture of it was almost plant like, which I guess makes sense because the inner layers are made of a plant pulp while the outer layer is comprised of a decently woven rayon. It's SUPER saturated though and was practically dripping when I pulled it out of the packaging. Still, it fit LIKE a dream on my face. Normally, to keep a sheet mask perfectly in place for the entire duration of the experience, I have

K-Beauty Review: TONYMOLY Pokemon Sheet Mask

Up first in my K-Beauty Sheet Mask review series, we have this adorable Pokemon themed sheet mask from TONYMOLY. had at least three different varieties to choose from and while I love Pikachu and Charmander, I've always had a soft spot for this little plant dude. Okay Bulbasaur, let's get started! First Impression: the solution feels really nice and refreshing. It has a very mild green tea scent and I was pleasantly surprised that it wasn't overpowering at all. The mask itself seemed a little big for my face shape and sat kind of awkwardly - I opted to just lie down on my bed with some music playing for 20 minutes. I didn't feel like constantly having to adjust it. I readily admit that the lighting in my bathroom is horrid, but rest assured there were no immediately visible effects that you're missing out on here. My pores definitely felt a little cleaner and smaller though, and my skin overall felt a bit tighter. Usually after using