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K-Beauty Review: TONYMOLY Changing U Magic Foot

*spoiler alert - there are photos of feet in this post*

I might have a problem.


You see, the last time I ordered on - I dumped a TON of K-beauty sheet masks into my basket and then just....bought 'em. Mostly with the intent of doing reviews on all of them, but also because (like most beauty bloggers right now) I'm kind of obsessed with sheet masks.

So when I happened upon a peeling mask for...feet...yeah, feet, I thought to myself that 1) This is totally blog-worthy and 2) I've never done something like this before. And it's the middle of winter - the air is unbearably cold and dry. My feet are also, often, unbearably cold and dry. So what better time to test out a peeling foot mask?

This set from TONYMOLY only cost about $6 and I looked at some other reviews online before giving this a go and it seemed to have good results for a lot of people. Still....I've always been kind of wary of any product that advertises its purpose as "peeling" your skin. Sounds wrong, but apparently it's painless.

Let's do this.

First impression: Heh, these are kind of cute. They're just these little plastic slip-on socks that have the liquid on the inside. None of it was leaking was out and the "application" process was incredibly smooth. They even come with these cute, little TONYMOLY stickers to keep the sock secured around your ankle.

Just in case, I totally kept my feet propped up on a towel while vegging on the couch.

How did it feel? Ugh, kind of gross and cold and squishy. Not gonna lie. It was a little weird, but I got used to it quickly and then it was just a matter of sitting around for 1.5 hours while the stuff worked its magic.

What did I do for that 1.5 hour block?

I watched Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Again.  (Rey, you're such a badass!~)

Okay....getting bored. Are we done yet? I was honestly not looking forward to getting up and padding into the bathroom while wearing these. I mean, have you ever walked around in wet sandals or flip-flops and just had your feet slide all over inside of them? Makes for a really unsmooth glide....

And they're off! I'm free! So after rinsing the liquid off and drying my feet, I did notice immediately that they were a lot smoother and softer feeling. The package directions indicated that it would likely take up to 4-6 days for peeling to start, so I will update again in a few days with any progress.

Five days later and I finally see some peeling on the bottom of my feet. It doesn't hurt to rub it off or pull off the larger flakes and the skin underneath is incredibly soft and smooth. Will stay vigilant for more developments!

Alright - almost two weeks later and the aftermath of my foot peel experience is this: my feet don't feel that much softer or smoother, but I don't have the scaly calluses that I did before. It's still dry and cold outside, I still wear shoes all day that irritate my I wasn't expecting a miracle. I was pleasantly surprised though at how effective the peeling was!

Would I do another one? Maybe. But I might try it again in the summer and see what kind of effect it has then. What do you think? Would you like to see another review of a foot peeling product?


  1. I love these kind of reviews so you have gotten yourself a new reader over here :D
    I haven't tried that one yet, I'm a little scared about the pieces falling off the feets, haha!

    1. Luckily, the skin doesn't really fall off so much as loosen up and you can peel it off yourself. And the peeling was very minimal compared to other reviews I've seen, so your feet aren't super dry or scaly, I think it would be minimal for you too! :)


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