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Horror Shorts: 'Hello'

So I've been watching a variety of paranormal channels on Youtube, and I think because of this something caught my eye with regards to horror films. There's been a number of channels producing and uploading short horror films and I mean to start reviewing some of them here on my blog. The first one I'd like to introduce you to is "Hello": Filmed with a Canon 60D, this piece was shot over a course of two evenings and only featured two actors, a young woman alone in her home and waiting for her boyfriend's late night return, and an intruder calling her up on the telephone before slipping in and giving her a fright. The suspense builds up really well and for a brief period you aren't sure if this is going to be a supernatural horror story or a psychological thriller. And that's the greatest part. This film didn't really scare me that much, I kind of knew what to expect, but the acting was well done, the camera angles are pretty damn profes