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Fall Break Conclusion

My beloved and short lived Fall Break is over. It was a delightful four days though. I hardly thought about college once, only pondering to think about providing my services as a writer to conjure up a script for my group project infomercial. Which is a duty I have taken on wholeheartedly, but as my group tends to be full of slackers who don't feel like participating much (or even showing up to class) this could prove to be troublesome.

But enough of that drama. Fall Break provided me with a great opportunity to sleep in, eat Mom's home-cooked meals, and work on some sewing projects. One of which, I'm ecstatic to inform you, I finally finished.

Well before I started college, and indeed before this blog came about probably, I started working on a black jumper-skirt. I needed a simple Gothic Lolita dress for pairing up in basic coordinates. So I got some black fabric from Walmart (yes, you read that correctly) and set to work, operating without a pattern. For something I had to pretty much eyeball, I'd say I did a great job. The bodice is a bit wonky and the zipper area could look neater, but on the whole I'm quite proud of it and I can't wait to start wearing it in simple Black and White Lolita coordinates.

In fact, I may wear it for the Halloween themed Lolita meetup next Sunday. I just hope I can figure out what to pair with it that will look good for "witch" Lolita. I have a few ideas, so we'll see!

But enough about that. The rest of my break was wonderful. I spent a lot of it at my mom's home which was lovely. It's the only place I can truly relax. Chris spent a lot of time with me as well. We watched movies, drove around town, got some food here and there. It was great. We even picked up a toaster oven for my dorm room, which I'm excited to start using. I just need some bread and fixings. ^_^ Perhaps some bagels as well. And pizza rolls! If they weren't so expensive at the campus convenience store.....*shakes fist*

This week is going to really take it's toll on me, I can tell. Tomorrow I have a quiz in my 8 am philosophy class - which is going to bomb since I haven't gone to that class in weeks. BUT! I have been keeping up with the readings in the book, so if I have a semi-solid grasp on the material I should do okay.

Then I have to get things sorted out with lining up a new advisor. I really, really hope I can get that done this week. It would be great to have my access code and get a spring semester schedule sorted out soon. One less thing to stress about you know.

Then it's planning shit for our group presentation in my Communications class. Which reminds me, that infomercial is being filmed tomorrow. Which means I need to have that script sorted out and printed, not sure how many copies I'll need. Urgh. >_<

I'm also "acting" in it too. Not that I have any lines, but I do get to dress up like a smart and nerdy do-good student. That'll be amusing. I guess I have a good reason to whip my glasses out then. ^_^

Well, it's late and I'm going to scamper off to sleep or something. Sweet dreams, all!


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