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7 Steps to Manifest Anything

I'm gonna level with ya - I may call myself a practicing witch, but I haven't had all that much time for any sort of "practicing" that isn't the rehearsing of a stressful work phone call. That being said, there are some things in my world that are going kind of topsy-turvy right now and so I'm calling up all the powers of the universe to help me manifest an optimal outcome.

While I don't remember exactly where I first came across this 7-step process, it is one that stuck with me that I keep coming back to:

1. Clarity - really flesh out what you want
2. Dump limiting beliefs and blocks
3. Ask the universe - but don't beg
4. Take action - daily steps to take
5. Acknowledge what you receive
6. Keep your mind positive
7. Repeat as needed....

And for good reason! These seven, simple steps work for just about anything you want to manifest in your life.

But let's use my situation as an example.

The boy and I had been talking about moving out of our slumlord rental since about the moment we really settled in and since our lease is up at the end of June, we had started looking for options - I was even considering renting a house or a duplex!

So step one was to really flesh out what I wanted in our future rental. There were a couple of things I was willing to compromise on (like switching back to coin-op laundry) and other things I was not (like needing a dishwasher and air-con in the unit). I wanted something that was closer to my workplace or at the very least in a nicer neighborhood than the one we'd accidentally holed up in.

I really thought we'd need two solid incomes to make anything like that work, but then suddenly the boy lost his job and I had to seriously reevaluate what I was capable of affording. So maybe a $1,200 a month duplex was out of the question. That didn't mean I couldn't find what I wanted in a standard apartment complex, right? So there's step two - dumping some of my mental blocks and letting go of limits.

The third step was probably the easiest for me, asking the universe for help. Sometimes that's as simple as breathing your desire to get some good hits before cracking open Craigslist or whispering a fervent prayer for available units before running a search on I didn't beg - no one likes a whiner. But simply letting the powers that be know that you're open to their energies can take quite a weight off your own shoulders.

But that does't mean you can give up! You still have to put the work in. For me, it was diligently scouring apartment openings near my workplace and cranking out phone calls to set up showings. We got quite a few set up and we went to see some of these units. None of that would have happened if I hadn't taken the necessary actions in response to my plea for help and whatever deities that were listening.

Step five is to acknowledge what you get out of the process. While none of the units we looked at where quite in our price range, time frame, or preferences, it was important to remind ourselves that now we were armed with way more knowledge about the rental process and availability in the area than we had been.

And yeah, three out of five showings were total busts - but staying positive is absolutely crucial at this stage. I could let myself get discouraged and just give up on finding anything good. I could just grumble and slack off and end up settling for something sub-par. But I choose not to. I'm choosing to look forward to the next showing tomorrow and keep my hopes up that this will be the one. I've got a good feeling about it anyways, and if that's not staying positive I don't know what is....

The last step - you can always go back up to the last step you left off on and try again. Or maybe you have to start over from scratch. But as you do, you'll get better and better at this manifesting thing. Because you'll have had the practice needed to really clarify what you want and how you want to get it and you'll know what works and what doesn't.

Magic or not, the confidence gained from employing this manifesting process is golden. 


  1. I've been reading a lot about this lately with different people offering different explanations for why it woks, but it seems that many successful people believe that it does...I hope you find the place you're looking for!

    Kathrin | Polar Bear Style

    1. Thanks! I'm sure I will - just gotta keep that positive attitude. :)


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