Favorite Fashion Item for Spring 2018

I'm gonna level with you all here: I don't really follow trends. I keep an eye on 'em, sure, but I'm not one to follow the flock. And chances are high that if I am being trendy, it's because I was probably already wearing it.

Sheer dresses? Check. Print on print? Check. Shirts under dresses? Check.

But there is ONE 2018 spring/summer trend I'm finally getting on board with and that, my friends, is the jumpsuit. I've always though they looked fabulous on other people and were the next best thing to dresses if you want more mobility forgiveness. But I could never bring myself to wear them - they'll feel awkward, it's too hard to go to the restroom, nobody in my area wears this and I'll be seen as pretentious, etc.

I used to care about that stuff.

Both of my two black jumpsuits came to me via Goodwill - one is a slinky little number with draped pockets and a very low-cut v-neck. The other, which I'm wearing today, is a loose and long jumpsuit with an elastic waist, relaxed fit, and geometric lace print on the shoulders. One is perfect for a night out if I'm feeling especially optimistic about my body and the other is perfect for a day at the office with sneakers and a blazer.

But I want....more.

Now I want them in colors and prints. I want them fitted and relaxed. I want them long and short. This could become a problem....


  1. That sounds like it would be a such a fun problem though...I love these. They are so elegant! I wore a jumpsuit exactly once. It had buttons all the way down the front and the bathroom situation put me off them for the time being...

    Kathrin | Polar Bear Style

  2. Love this jumpsuit
    Very classy looking

    Much Love,
    Jane | The Bandwagon Chic

  3. I love the black jumpsuit! Looks so chic yet comfy!! xx



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