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May in Review + Some of my favorite things

Feeling: Incredibly stressed out. Apartment hunting is hard work, especially on one income and trying to schedule tours around a 9-5 time-frame.

Wanting: All the overtime that this summer is going to bring me! At the end of this month, I'll be pulling some extra weekend hours which will really boost my paycheck and make sure I can definitely (read: comfortably) make rent at the new apartment we'll be shuffling into this July.

Cooking: Bulgogi beef - there's something a slab of sizzling beef drowning in a rich bulgogi sauce on a hot spring/summer night. Served up with a bed of rice and some veggies, it feels like a perfect end to a week.

Drinking: Wheat beers! And I'll be the first to admit I'm not usually a big fan of the Hefeweizen type of beer, but something about the floral undertones of these Germanic brews is just doing it for me, lately!

Watching: I'm so sorry, but I'm just gonna drop this here with no context whatsoever and see if you find it as hilarious as I do. Probably not. Again, I'm so sorry!

Reading: I'm gonna let my inner nerd out here for a moment and openly admit to reading and enjoying fan-fiction - especially well written fan-fics. I've recently stumbled across The Moss Stomper - who writes literally the best Final Fantasy 7 fics ever. Her series featuring red-haired Reno of the Turks and her OC from our neck of the woods is really on point.

Looking: Out the window into a really lame parking lot. Seriously - my office got moved and now I'm on the north side of the building. No more bright sun - instead I get a view of cars, Culvers, and the bank across the way. Thrilling stuff, yo.

Deciding: What is the best way to get my company's training courses accredited with some of the major players in the Community Interpreter industry? CCHI and ATA are looking like my best options, but with all accreditation programs this is gonna cost the company a pretty penny and I'm not sure if I'm authorized to make these kinds of decisions....hmmm.

Enjoying: We had our first thunderstorm of the year in May. I stood outside on the front stoop and let that static electricity and ozone just seep into my cells and it felt amazing.

Hoping: The boy finally got himself a new job which he expects to start soon. I just hope he actually likes this one and doesn't quit on a dime again.

Worrying: See above.

Wearing: Not sure where my obsession with lace up or strappy shoes comes from, but I have no problem indulging. Now that the weather has been this side of wonderful, I've been donning all three pairs of these fabulous flats - all courtesy of Goodwill too!

Hearing: I've re-developed my love for EDM, particularly Dubstep and Future Bass. I even put together a really fantastic playlist for my work day. I might be waiting for the other shoe to drop in a lot of situations, but I never have to wait for the drop in Mortals by Warriyo - it always delivers.


  1. Sounds like a busy, but good month. That Bulgogi beef looks delicious. I might just make some this weekend.

    Kathrin | Polar Bear Style

  2. Hello. In our country we call the bulgogi beef "fried beef". It goes down well with fried rice or ugali (mixture of hot water and maize flour). It is a stable food in our country Kenya.


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