Fighting Cultural Appropriation in Fashion: Bihor vs Dior

It's no secret that major fashion labels have been ripping off traditional designs and patterns for years, with the likes of Dolce and Gabana, Tory Burch, and Valentino presenting cultural designs from around the globe and marketing them as their own creations - giving none of the credit to the cultures (and even designers!) responsible for them.

Not only is it a heinous form of cultural appropriation, it also erases the communities in which these designs come from - a slow death of what was once probably vibrant and ancient traditional cultures.

Just last year, Dior debuted a Romanian-themed jacket with designs inspired from the Bihor region and sold it for approx. $35,000!

Romania, however, is fighting back. Bihor Couture is an authentic Romanian brand featuring local craftsmen and designers, supported by Beau Monde - a magazine that features that 100% original Romanian content.

Meet some of the designers here!

Every garment is handcrafted, so it takes some time to make, but it sure beats buying a pricey knock-off version that was likely sewn up in a sweatshop and slapped with a designer label. Don't you think?

Want to support these cultural traditions and have a cute garment to show for it? I thought you might, so here's a list of Romanian-owned and vetted sellers. Shame there aren't more of them.

Bihor Couture

Le Petit Indigent

Romanian Folk Motifs with a Modern Twist


  1. I can see being inspired by a culture, but that coat wasn't inspired, it was copied. That's a pretty low thing to do without giving credit.

    Kathrin | Polar Bear Style

  2. Wow this is such an amazing style.
    She is very talented

    Much Love,
    Jane | The Bandwagon Chic

  3. Oh I totally agree. Designers never give credit for most of their work (unless you're a famous/rich person) slap on a hefty price tag and sell it to consumers who believe "it's all original". What a shame. It's a sad reality that some cultures are vanishing, never to be heard of, their pieces all come with them to their grave. I feel like there has to be more awareness and education to the public in terms of who are the people behind the scenes? Some old seamstress who did last year's Chanel bag did not get to see the light of day. If people are more educated, hopefully most could make an informative choice in terms of brands/labels to support. Amazing piece!



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