Weekly Food For Thought: 06/11/2018

Why Birchbox has suddenly become the beauty subscription hero of 2018 Pride Month....and since I'm cancelling my Ipsy account after this month, I might actually join the box club over the bag club.

Creeping through my 30's, I'm considering my bone density and overall bone health thanks to this MSPmag article.

I love Japanese cooking, but I never thought making Shio Koji (salt koji) would be so easy and so versatile. Read about it here. 

My feet are wonky - I'll admit. I've had surgeries that resulted in minor arthritis, making the wearing of heels almost excruciating. Pop Sugar has some ideas about how to help and this tip about using deodorant to prevent friction is genius! 

Looking to go off the beaten path for your summer vacation this year? Check out all these fun, summery things to do in St Paul and Minneapolis this year - Minnesota ought to be the summer destination! 

And finally, Queer Eye Season 2 will be featuring it's first transgender makeover. Woo for representation, but I really hope they don't sensationalize the heck out of it in all the wrong ways.