Who *is* Pride for, exactly?

Most days, I think to think that Minnesota is a fairly progressive state. Our politics may be all over the place, but culturally and socially - ignoring the outlier drunk white assholes that occasionally roam the bus lines - I like to think MN is pretty open and inclusive.

And then this article came across my Facebook dash this morning. Followed by several more. And a few decrying the presence of police precincts and the influx of corporate participation....

I'm not even surprised anymore, y'know. Racism at Pride.

If it wasn't for the Stonewall Riots; if wasn't for those brave, black transgender women and their strong stance against police brutality towards the gay community, we wouldn't even have Pride Month. We wouldn't have anything.

So the unabashed White Supremacist bent within the LGBTQ community, even here in Minnesota, just saddens me. As if the community wasn't divided enough - I can't escape the TERF (trans-exclusionary radical feminism) bullshit on Pinterest now. I see discourse on Tumblr every day arguing against ace people being part of the community.

It's Oppression Olympics and somehow the white cis-gays and cis-lesbians are the most oppressed.

Pride is fucking #cancelled. Get your shit together.