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~5 Facts About Me Tag~

I was tagged by the lovely Geraldine, so here goes: 5 Facts About Me! 

1. I have written three books.

The catch - I've only finished and self-published one of them and I'm honestly so embarrassed that it exists, that I never give anyone the Amazon link to it. But since I'm dusting off my writing chops again and trying to complete a rough draft this year, I'll oblige. Be warned - it's old and definitely NOT my best work!

Anything But Monochrome for Amazon Kindle

2. I speak a bit of Japanese and Korean.

I took a year of Japanese in university and absolutely fell in love with the language. The syntax! The morpheme structure! Three writing systems! I was happy to take on the challenge - I'm a Linguist at heart after all. And Japan is one of those places I've always wanted to visit.

When I began watching K-dramas, I was blown away by how beautiful Seoul and the Korean countryside is, and had to add that to my bucket list as well. I've been learning Korean on Duolingo and while the pronunciation of some of the vowels is a bit tricky, the writing system is SO much easier to master!

3. I live in Minnesota

The Land of 10,000 Lakes. Mall of America. Hotdish. Home of Prince, Bob Dylan, F. Scott Fitzgerald and Judy Garland. We pronounce our O's like the Scandinavians do, don'tcha know?

Honestly, we might as well be Canadian - we like hockey, beer, and maple syrup as much as they do. We don't "sorry" and "eh" as much, but we do have the running joke that is "Minnesota Nice".

Also Caribou Coffee is better than Starbucks. Sorry, eh!

4. I used to wear Gothic Lolita Fashion. 

I think this photo more or less speaks for itself. And they were really all I could dig up! 

5. I'm an INTP! 

On the Myers-Briggs Personality Inventory we had to take as part of a work seminar, the results came in as expected. I'm an INTP - an Introverted, iNtuitive, Thinking, and Perceiving type. 

INTP's are often considered The Logicians, inventive and creative and often lost in our own little worlds. The absent-minded professor. Puzzle solvers and pattern seekers. Big Picture dreamers with little time or need for the "mundane details."

We're probably the worst sort to try and run our own blogs or businesses. We're good at dreaming up the grand ideas but not so good at implementing the small steps that are needed for things to actually happen. Professional Daydreamers, that's what we are.

I tag:

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  1. I read to the end and then realized you tagged me, which is actually a first. Thanks for the tag :) This will have to be my next post.

    It was great learning more about you. Writing three books is a wonderful achievement. I hope you end up publishing more of them.

    Kathrin | Polar Bear Style

  2. Kudos on all your writing and language skills!
    Those Caribou coffee shops sound great! I had never heard of them but just visited their website - looks great! :D
    OMG, I LOVE your gothic Lolita fashion outfit photos!!!
    Best wishes for a fashiontastically happy year 2019!

    1. I think Caribou is pretty centralized to the Upper Midwest states, sadly. I wish they existed everywhere though!


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