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Date at the MoA

On Sunday, the boy and I took a drive down to Mall of America to see Bill Nye speak/demo some cool gadgets. It was pretty crowded there, so we didn't get to see much of the show but we did have a nice dinner and stroll.

It was my first time eating at Ruby Tuesday's and I think it might be my new favorite diner. Spicy Fish Tacos and the salad bar, an apple cider fizzy drink, and plenty of people-watching made for a really good lunch. 

We also probably perused all four floors of expensive, useless, and bizarre shops, but there are a few I stopped in and one I actually bought stuff in. ^_^ Ragstock is always my go-to shop when I visit the mall. It's eclectic and wacky - full of vintage items and quirky hipster stuff. 

So I bought a couple of really neat dresses, perfect for summer.

I'm especially excited to wear the egyptian print dress - it's super cute.

I managed to not have a panic attack, which was a big step for me. Big crowds of people and lots of chaos will usually …

Rhythm of a Time Bomb Ticking Away

What do I do when the world is falling apart, I feel like OD'ing on my Zoloft, and I've run out of Youtube videos to watch? I mess up my hair and put some makeup on. Because that's gonna solve all my fucking problems, right?