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I bought a violin the other day...

So I had a little too much to drink the other week, and I got to talking with Tyler about how I've always wanted to learn to play the violin - especially after seeing Lindsey Stirling in concert twice.

Since I had some money for leisure hanging out in my bank account, I decided to purchase a student violin off eBay.

It's from mendini, and came with extra strings, rosin, and a really nice case. I've only messed with it a bit but Tyler helped me tune it up so it's mostly ready to play.

There are some great tutorials on YouTube for beginners, so once work stress settles down I'll start learning in earnest.

Wish me luck!


So I'm sitting here at my desk, in my office, very quietly freaking out. You see, today I have suddenly had all of my former coworkers duties piled upon me after only a VERY brief training period yesterday. And let me be frank, I did not want her job. I still don't want her job.

So I'm sitting in my office dreading every call that comes into our department, every interpreter who comes in with a question, every email that gets forwarded to my work inbox. Because I am NOT prepared. I am NOT ready for this. And my boss isn't even in the office today - so I'm really floundering right now.

I'm on my third cup of coffee, too. It's only 1 pm. Gods help me.'s a promotion...

It would seem, this is the nature of office work. First, your boss loads you up with more and more tasks relevant to your position as they believe you are comfortable. Then, they start asking for personal favors like scanning documents or fetching coffee. And finally, after the only competent person in the office tenders their resignation, your boss asks you to take over THEIR job duties on top of yours.

Which I guess is technically a promotion.

Thing is....I don't want it. I'm not interested in taking over my coworker's job. Her position is very HR orientated with a lot of receptionist work. It involves answering phones all day, talking to interpreters and applicants, setting people up for orientations or classes, sending emails out to people and keeping track of a lot of information. It's very high pressure and customer service oriented.

And that's just I'm quiet. I'm introverted. I'm socially anxious. If I wanted to be a receptionist, I wo…

Um, hello....? Is this thing on?!

Hi. Hello. How are you?

Every time I post a new entry here, I can clearly see that there are at least 20-30 of you who might be regular readers. Who are you? Why are you checking out my blog? Come here often?

Introduce yourselves! I want to know who's here and what keeps you around! I like to think of blogger as the last real ol' fashioned bloggosphere for us weirdos who want to post a little more than a heavily edited Instagram photo.

So leave a comment for me and let me know some stuff about you - like your name, age, where you live, basic interests and hobbies! I want to know my friends here!