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Autumn Bucket List

Autumn is that time of year when I come to life again. After the sweltering hell that is summer finally passes and the first crisp mornings make themselves felt, every cell in my body sings once more....


2017 Autumn Bucket List

Make Pumpkin Pie

Drink Apple Cider

Enjoy Hot Chocolate Outside

Curl Up Under a Blanket with a Book

Wear Cozy Fall Socks

Watch Halloween Movies

Take a Stroll Through a Park

Make Soup

Burn Fall Scented Candles

Have a Picnic

Take Fall Photos

Visit Oktoberfest

Decorate w/ Autumn Colors

Drink Pumpkin Ale/Fall Beer

Pick Apples

Carve a Pumpkin and Roast Seeds

Dress up for Halloween

Go Star Gazing

Visit a Haunted House

Host a Dinner Party

Stay in a Log Cabin/Hotel

Visit your city’s tourist destinations

Wear Cute Scarves

Learn how to do Fire Scrying

Get Your Tarot Cards Read

Cook with Squash or Zucchini

Wander Through a Graveyard

Dress in Warm Layers

Buy Halloween Candy/Treats

All photos courtesy of Pinterest

What are your must do events and ideas for autumn? For my readers in the Southern Hemisphere preparing for spring - how to you spend your October and November?


  1. Replies
    1. Me too, it's my favorite season. I'm so lucky that I get to experience it in Minnesota, where we get all four beautiful seasons.

  2. Not really doing anything for spring


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