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What Have You Accomplished In The Last Decade?

As I was scrolling through my TL on Twitter this morning, a tweet jumped out at me from user @stfutony that read "there's only ONE MONTH left in the decade. what have you accomplished?" Normally, I would have kept scrolling but something about this tweet felt accusatory, seeming to say that if I didn't acheive great things from the years 2010 to 2020 that I have somehow failed as a person and it was all for naught.

I'm sure that's not how Tony means it, though, and many of the replies featured people both lamenting the fact that they seemed to have accomplished nothing and those who are just so glad to have survived to see the end of the decade that I think this tweet was designed to put things into perspective for ourselves.

Still, it hit something within me. What have I accomplished in the last decade?

Photo by Joy Real on Unsplash

~Started a Gothic Lolita blog
~Found a community of like-minded friends
~Adopted a black cat named Elvira


~Escaped from Montreal (long story)
~Enrolled in university and lived in a dorm at age 24
~Fell in love with Linguistics as a field of study


~Dropped out of university to take care of my mental health
~Went on a road trip to the Pacific Northwest and met up with an old friend
~Worked briefly for a small, local newspaper (not as a writer)
~Saw a therapist for the first time in my life

Photo by adrian on Unsplash

~Ended a relationship that was going nowhere
~Started dating a "bad boy"
~Developed a newfound love of craft beer
~Experienced a variety of living situations
~Attempted moving to a different state with no job or money
( If you want to read about that failed venture, click here, here, and here. )


~Moved to St. Paul, MN
~Had my first real studio apartment in a major city
~Became a master of local public transit
~Landed my first office job in December of that year!

2017 - 2018

~Advocated for upward mobility in my department
~Received a raise and new job title/responsibilites
~Opened a real savings account
~Made a lot of new friends
~Started learning Korean
~Won NaNoWriMo for the first time

Photo by Brigitte Tohm on Unsplash

~Lost my job
~Started a new marketing and communications internship position
~Left a very toxic, long-term relationship that had become abusive
~Started dating someone new and wonderful
~Paid off some debts
~Learned how to treat myself

There were a lot of ups, downs, and serious hurts in between a lot of those accomplishments though and looking back, I feel like I experienced more hardship than anything else. But sometimes it's really good to focus on what good you have done - for others or yourself.

So I'm turning it over to you: what have you accomplished this decade that you are proud of?


  1. The idea of trying to figure out what I've accomplished in the last decade actually made me panic a bit. Not much in terms of what most people consider accomplishments probably, but for me my most important accomplishment would have to be that I finally seem to have gotten my health out of its downward spiral and am slowly but surely improving it. And I started my blog, which was something I had to break myself for due to quite a bit of social anxiety that translates to the web.

    Kathrin | Polar Bear Style


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