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Bath Bomb Review: Lotusbtr. - Heartmade Body Care

Bath Bomb Review: Lotusbtr.

Heartmade Body Care

So I decided it was time to seriously reconsider where I source my bath products and Etsy seemed like a great place to start. Now, I haven't bought or sold anything on Etsy in years, but I knew that it was still a haven for crafty entrepreneurs and was even more delighted that an entire list of Black-owned shops had been curated. 

There are some wonderful Black-owned skincare shops on Etsy - honorable mentions go to FreshSeedGlow, Aromaology, and Omiaje - but the business I ultimately chose to give my patronage to was Lotusbrt. (Thankfully, there's a website since the Etsy page no longer seems to exist.)

I'm a huge fan of baths - I can't think of a better way to shut the world out for an hour or two. Give me a book, a good podcast, or just some chill tunes and a glass of wine, and I'm in heaven. The only thing that can take a relaxing bath to the next level is the addition of a bath bomb.

I didn't grow up with regular access to a bathtub so when I eventually moved into a place that had a proper claw foot tub, you'd best believe I took advantage of that. And thus, I discovered my love of bath bombs.

When it comes to bath products, I gravitate towards two varieties: crisp and sweet smelling or floral/herbal. I purchased the Honeydew Pear Drip Bomb and the Night Night Kisses Bath Bomb. They arrived in a cute little box festooned with pink crinkly paper and unicorn skin tinsel - the whole package smelled amazing.

So without further adieu:


Crusted with the tiniest glitter, this pyramid shaped bath bomb gave off the pleasant aroma of chamomile and lavender. Once dissolved in the water, it tinted my bath a lilac-grey hue that in no way had me concerned about any potential stains - unlike some of the more colorful fizzy things I've dropped into the tub. Even the traces of glitter rinsed off with no hesitation. 

Not only was the scent relaxing - and it left my bathroom smelling like a spa for days - my skin felt so soft and smooth after this. It was the perfect way to wind down at night and ease into a deep sleep. I would absolutely recommend this one for those who have trouble relaxing or deal with occasional insomnia. 

★★★★★ - 5 Stars


I could smell this one before I even cracked open the packaging... an intense fruity aroma wafting from this ecto-plasm green cone topped with a metallic gold drip. Unlike Night Night Kisses, once dissolved my bath water looked straight out of a science fiction clone tank, it practically glowed! I was absolutely in my element with this one. 

The scent was really powerful and it definitely clung to me for hours afterwards, but I'm not sure my skin was quite as moisturized when comparing to the other bath bomb. I would definitely try it again though, but perhaps I wouldn't soak for longer than 30 minutes this time around.

★★★★☆ - 4 Stars

Would I recommend Lotusbrt? Yes.
Will I buy from them again? Definitely yes.
Would I buy these two bath bombs again? Most certainly, but I also can't wait to try out more of what they have to offer. 


  1. Ooh love the sound of these bath bombs. I absolutely love having a bath too. It's one of the only times I can really shut myself out from everyone and get some peace and quiet. Although I haven't used a bath bomb in literally forever, I probably wouldn't shop at LUSH anymore and opt for small businesses instead x


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