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The Best Apartment View in Seattle


It's a pretty darn good view, but I'll admit it's probably not the best in the entire city. I'm certainly not complaining though because is what I can stare up at when I have my morning coffee and also what I'm gazing at right now as I type this up...

D and I moved on October 27th and almost immediately started shopping around for furniture. For the first few nights we had to sleep on an air mattress and stand around the kitchen counter to eat, but it was our place. Our first official place together and that was pretty exciting. 

The next step was buying a bed. I'll be honest here -- I've never had a brand new mattress. Something like that had never been in my budget. It's a game changer. Apparently, sleeping on old, used mattresses definitely contributes to chronic neck and back pain. 

Those days are over. I sleep well. I can wake up early and without the usual aches or pains. The mattress also came with a set of sheets and these two incredible memory foam pillows.

Our first meal in the apartment came from a spot just a few blocks away called Zeek's Pizza. I was delighted to discover this spot because my favorite thing about being cooped up in Tacoma for a month was being right next to Hank's Pizza and smelling that delicious garlic smell wafting up into the house. 

Good pizza in walking distance is important. As a bonus, the first pie we sampled was a chicken bacon club inspired concoction that came with a side of Ranch. My little Minnesota heart was charmed! 

Also, I started my new job! A Washington based virtual events organization took pity on me and perhaps thought it wise to take a chance on my Zoom Webinar experience. My boss drove up to Seattle to drop off my company-sponsored laptop and equipment, and within days I had begun onboarding. I still lack a desk, so I've commandeered a section of the kitchen counter in which to do my work. It's not the most optimal situation, but our furniture acquisition can only move as quickly as our budget allows. 

Which is slow...because I haven't been paid yet. 

So far we've managed to scrounge up a small sofa, a table and chairs, a full bed, a few lamps, and a 48" television set. It's really not a bad start -- I'm in here all day and I feel pretty comfortable with the situation so far but I can't wait until this place has fully come together! 

In the meantime, here are a series of photos of the mostly empty apartment. I'm really in love with the layout and again, the view from my window. 

 Tell me about your favorite apartment and what you liked most about living there? Did you live alone or have roommates? 


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