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I went from long to short.

Webcam photo, SeaTac
When we began our trip across the western United States, my hair was shoulder length and I had a set of messed up bangs I was desperately trying to trim up myself. To no real avail, using a hotel bathroom mirror and poor lighting.

So when we reached Olympia and were strolling around the Capital Mall, I spied a MasterCuts salon that was offering cheap haircuts and couldn't resist. I needed something that would be easy to wash and require minimal product. Also on my mind was something that could be freshened up in a bathroom sink, worst case scenario.

Webcam photo, Chaska MN
And so we wind up with the popular summer pixie cut. I've certainly had my hair this short in the past, but never in quite this style. It's pretty easy to care for, all it does is sit on my head and I swoop it one direction or the other. Today I left it combed forward normally, doing it's thing.

For a minute, it was shorter than Tyler's hair. Only for a minute though, I trimme…

The end of luxury is nigh....

By the end of this weekend, I will officially be a nomad, living in a mobile dwelling consisting of a mid-size pickup truck with a camper shell.

This is the outside of our setup. And to be honest, we haven't gotten very far on it. The camper shell is at least bolted onto the pickup bed, but it's still full of holes so it's nowhere near water-tight and since it's been raining almost non-stop we've hardly been able to work on the damn thing. We also need to get our sleeping platform built....we have a twin mattress to set on top of it, but the damn thing is too long and needs to be trimmed shorter. Plus we need to put legs on it so we can store our stuff underneath.
Unfortunately, we have little in the way of raw materials and easy access to power tools, so it's been rough. And the clock is ticking - we have to have our shit built, our stuff packed, and be out of our current home at the end of THIS weekend.
There's not much any of you can do to help with that…

Some More New Items!

First up, a ton of new items added to my storenvy and quite a few more to come, so please stay tuned for that. I took the liberty of modeling some of these items so they can be seen worn instead of on just a hanger. I really hope that helps sales and views on my shop - I need all the money I can get at this point, we're running low and we'll be homeless at the end of this week. That's right...this week.

For those who like the darker and edgier styles - I've got some great items that would work well in a Goth, Punk, or even Strega/Dark Mori wardrobe. Check 'em out!

Plenty of lighter and airier pieces for the Mori Kei, Natural Kei, and Umi Kei enthusiasts. Perfect for a stroll through the forest or a walk along the beach - a lot of these items are light in color and made of soft and breathable fabrics, which is always good for the summer months.

Some of the original garments are still for sale,…

Beige and Cream for Spring/Summer? I've got it here!

So I've added some really nice new pieces in a LOT of cream, off-white, and beige hues, which are perfect for layering pieces in your standard Mori Kei and Hama Kei coordinates. Everything on my site is currently under $20 too, so it's quite a steal to nab something right now.

Even my brand name pieces are on sale.

April Showers bring May....road trips?!

Trigger Warning: self harm, suicide


I think you all are due for an update, especially since my posts are probably gonna get even weirder or even more sporadic in the next few months than they are now. And this is why.

For the past several months, some of you know that I'd been living with my partner's family in their home. Back in October, they put the house up on the market and even though it didn't sell at the time, pretty much everyone hightailed it out of here - leaving me with only my partner and his dad. These two do not get along at all - they scream at each other, they've almost come to blows a few times, and he's constantly calling the cops on us (for mere arguing) and threatening to get restraining orders/kick us out. It's been tense, it's been depressing, and I actually starting seriously contemplating suicide again. I think I might have done myself in too, if I hadn't resorted to simple self-mutilation - I have more scars these days …

New Items added to my shop!


Lots of cute Mori Kei and Hama Kei styled pieces up for sale, plus some great Gothic Lolita stuff. Check it out and tell your friends who like neat clothes!

Also, check out my marketplace location here:

Share my GoFundMe page, please!

Artist Needs Help Click the link, please. 

I don't remember where I got the idea to start up a GoFundMe account, but I've have it for some time now. I had to revise my campaign and message, but I hope now that my situation is more clear. I've started sharing the link on Facebook and Tumblr and I would really appreciate it if others could share it around. Especially if you can't donate, which I understand. We've all fallen on hard times in one way or another - I'm just trying to take measures to ensure I can eat more than a few times a week and don't end up on the streets.
So thanks in advance.

*cross-posted on my other blog, sorry if you see this twice!*

Goodbye Moon Man....

David Bowie dies at 69, just two days after his birthday. I am inconsolable.
If the Goblin King can fall, we all expire some day.

Alice Through The Looking Glass, first look!

Finally, the first trailer for Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland sequel has been released and the film looks even more colorful and imaginative than the last. This time, Alice returns to Wonderland through way of a mirror and her main antagonist seems to be Time. Her mission: Rescue the Hatter.

I'm going to be honest here and that's likely going to put me in a minority - I'm not a terribly big fan of Tim Burton, especially his more modern works. Dark Shadows tanked, as far as I'm concerned. He produced Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter as well...please don't waste your time on that film, it made my brain bleed.

But I did enjoy Alice in Wonderland - a story about Alice's second adventure in Wonderland and her imposed quest to defeat the Red Queen. It was a whirlwind of visual whimsy and the costumes were fantastic. Let's not forget a stellar cast either.

So I'm definitely looking forward to checking out the sequel when it premiers in May. Anyone else?

Artist Spotlight: Melanie Martinez

Melanie Martinez got her start when she auditioned for season 3 of The Voice with a rendition of Britney Spears' Toxic. Adam Levine snagged her up instantly and thus launched her career as a very wacky artist. She didn't win The Voice, but she has gone on to have a wonderful music career and I've been a fan since the beginning.

Her first single and music video release was for a creepy-cute song called Dollhouse, with some very dark implications about dysfunctional families.

Her second big hit was actually picked up just in time for American Horror Story's new circus-themed season and became the show's theme song for a short time. Here is Carousel:

There were a few more songs on her EP, but nothing spectacular until she released a full album. Cry Baby.

Her sound is very eclectic and kind of indie, in a kitschy way. She explores a lot of dark and personal topics with a sense of creepy whimsy and that's what I love about her. The heavy leanings towards a demented…